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Down East Humor CD’s!


You’ll double over with laughter listening to these outrageous tales of Yankee humor. Told by local resident and Maine native Joe Perham, these tapes will provide hours of entertainment. Just imagine an evening spent listening to that Wonderful Old Two Holer everything you ever wanted to know about outhouses or the hilarious downeast stories from A Guide to Hunting. Guaranteed to liven up any party. Intended for young adult-adult audiences. $15.95 each.

Below is a full listing of all the albums available now:

Slow Lane Maine (his newest)
Trap Corner Revisited
Wonderful Old Two Holer
Guide to Hunting and Fishing in Maine
Out Behind the Barn
Tall Tales & Damn Lies
6 A.M. at the Trap Corner Store
Best of Clyde
Maine Potpourri Plus (best of Maine Potpourri and Outhouse II)
Zip Code to Humor

Price: from $15.95
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