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What could be a more romantic and unique family tradition than hanging the “Mooseltoe” during the Holiday Season? Authentic moose droppings sealed and lacquered which are intertwined with red ribbons with green holly. Each is handsomely packaged with “The Legend of Mooseltoe” on back.

MMM103 – $7.95 each.

Twas the night before Christmas and out
‘mongst the trees the moose were all freezing –
they were down on their knees

Morty & Mildred were settling down – when
out came some droppings that fell to the ground.
They froze to a holly branch along with some
berries, that undoubtedly looked like a bunch of
ripe cherries.

The Christmas dove was flying by and took that
branch up to the sky.

The moose below knew that was a sign –
they kissed and snuggled beneath a large
northern pine.

The heat that they shared kept them warm
through the night… till the sun finally shown
with Christmas daylight.

Other stories exist but just so you know… how
it really begin….
“The Legend of Mooseltoe”

Price: $7.95