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Maine Woodsman’s Weather Stick


buy-wholesaleMaine Woodsman’s Weather sticks have been predicting the weather, delighting their owners, and amazing new acquaintances all around the world for over ten years. Long before that the Abanaki Indians probably used them as hostess gifts when they went to dinner in neighboring wigwams! Hang on an outside wall or door casing exposed to the weather, stick bends down to foretell foul weather up for fair (unless you’ve hung it upside down – the hole goes on top)! approximately 12″ – 16″ long. Each stick comes packaged with story of weather stick and simple instructions. – $6.95 ea. or 3 for $18.00

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing 3 for $18.00, please select in the drop-down box below, the “3 Weathersticks for $18″ option with quantity of 1. If you are purchasing 6 select “3 Weathersticks for $18″ with quantity of 2, and so on. If you are purchasing 4, for example, please add “3 Weathersticks for $18″ with quantity of 1 to your shopping cart and then add 1 Weatherstick for $6.95.

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